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It all started out as a joke in 2004. Relationship after relationship just did not work out and love seemed just a little out of reach for me.  I started calling myself the ETERNAL BACHELOR because at the time it seemed I would never find love.   In turn, what I did find was my true calling.   Instead of continuing to search for big money, a better job, a nice home and someone to love – I started living for the moment, being thankful for what I had, and stopped obsessing about the future. 


That cleared the way for me to come up with the idea of putting the term ETERNAL BACHELOR on t-shirts.  From there I started designing logos to put on shirts and the response was great.  Some liked it and some didn’t, but all talked about it.  In the mist of all the opinions and the questions on whether or not I would ever get married, or if I was just a player, I had to share that this was not about sleeping around and having no responsibilities.  On the contrary, it was just the opposite. 


ETERNAL BACHELOR is an ode to the men that work hard to get to the next level.  Those that are not just “players” (though it’s for them too), but that look for something more.  Essentially, this is for every man that lives life to the fullest.  ETERNAL BACHELOR is about freedom of the mind which can ultimately get you whatever your heart desires.  This is the true man.    This is ETERNAL BACHELOR!



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